Unique Pre-WWII Radio/Phonograph Combinations

Interesting Radio/Phono Combos and Changers

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One thing that has always interested me is the unique phonograph and record changers that were developed in the early days of radio. This page focuses on those early Radio Phonograph combinations

So far, I'll just give a list of what I have. More to come.

Unique Prewar Phonographs

All-American Mohawk Lyric D39
Brunswick Panatrope PR-148C
Sonora A-44
Zenith 37A, 40A, 10tube1937export

Unique Prewar Changers

Brunswick Panatrope model 42
Capehart Amperion 140-18H
Capehart 16-E in 405CAW, 406D, 113K2FM and 111M2FM
Capehart 10-12 drop changer in General Motors model 291
RCA Victor RAE-84, 381 Duo, D22 and U108
Stromberg Carlson 14A
Stromberg Carlson 51
Sparton 99 and 103
Allen-Hough changer in Zenith 75
Webster 41 changer in Zenith 22H699

Garrard RC-30A in Freed Eisemann 52
General Industries Slasher

Philco "Beam of Light" changer in model 42-1011

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Thank you for reading!