Garrard RC30A record changer

Interesting Radio/Phono Combos and Changers

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This is the only changer in my prewar collection not made in USA.
However, the phonograph in my Zenith 1937 export is made by G.E.C. of England.

So two British made pre-war record players! Anyhow, this poor thing is in sad cosmetic shape. I'm not sure why I bought it, but finding pre-war Garrard changers is not easy, so I jumped on it when I found it for sale.

The info I have on my Freed Eisemann 52 states that it used the RC30A, however once I tried setting it inside, i discovered the cutout in the phono board does NOT fit this changer... Not at all! It must have had something else, but what????

Nevertheless, I have this changer, and it will either go into my Freed 52 or perhaps go into my Pilot FM-12. The FM-12 is supposed to have a Garrard RC-10, but as i don't have one, the RC30A will suffice, i suppose.
Interestingly, this changer does have RC-10A printed on the motor.

More to come.

Thank you for reading!