General Industries record changer

Interesting Radio/Phono Combos and Changers

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The General Industries Company in Elyria Ohio made the phonograph motors for the Allen Hough changer as well as the Capehart 10-12 drop changer.

Here is one of their own changers quite often referred to as the "Slasher"

It is a very basic, and simple changer and is quite wild in it's changing of records. It simply flings the top record off of the stack into a bin to the left.
Needless to say, many records were broken by such a mechanism as it does the changing in one turn of the turntable platter which spins at 78 RPM.

This one resides in a Libery Music case for portable use. The case is a bit war torn, so I will probably install it in a radio needing one in the future.

Here is a video of one in operation Courtesy of Gib Epling of West-Tech Services More to come.

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