Zenith 22H699

Interesting Radio/Phono Combos and Changers

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Yes, i know this doesn't quite fit in with the other changers, but I feel it is unique enough to include.
It took me quite a while to find a complete changer.

Webster Chicago model 41 changer

The Zenith 22-H-699 was Zenith's best radio since the 25 tube Stratosphere 1000Z. It uses 22 tubes and is bi-amplified with one amplifier driving two 12' woofers and the other driving a 6" tweeter.

It uses Webster Chicago's model 41 record changer which is designed to change both 12 inch and 10 inch records intermixed.
Sadly, the changer in mine was missing when I got the radio. I soon found out that the Webster 41 suffers from pot metal issues, and many were replaced. That and they only play 78 RPM records, many people replaced them with 3 speed changers by the 1950s.

The Webster 41 uses a three post record support system and can sense what size record is next in line to be dropped.

In my search, I found a model 41 that came from a Magnavox. Unfortunately, most of the mechanism was removed leaving only the turntable platter. Also the tone arm was missing. It did have a recording arm, which Zenith didn't use.

I also found a similar changer in a Philco, but it was a totally different beast. Possibly based on the Webster model 40 which is very similar in appearance. The Philco also had the "Beam-of-Light" tone arm, so I still didn't even have the correct one. The Philco also had a recording arm, as well as a recording switch and level indicators.

Finally, I found a Stromberg Carlson with the correct changer. The cabinet had sat in water and was rotting at the bottom, so i didn't feel bad about stripping it down for parts. After all, I wanted that changer for my Zenith!

It isn't restored yet. I need to fabricate a few parts which have crumbled, but I think most of the parts will be ok.

More to come.

Thank you for reading!