Brunswick Panatrope 42

Interesting Radio/Phono Combos and Changers

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Up to 1929, Brunswick sported RCA Radiola radios and amplifiers, but in April 1929 Brunswick bought Bremer-Tully and sold radios and radio-phonographs with chassis made by them.
Also, by April 1930, Brunswick sold their record and radio/phonograph division to Warner Brothers.
I suspect the model 42 was designed and started to be manufactured just before the sale took place.
Brunswick took out an ad in the September 13, 1930 issue of Saturday Evening Post advertising radios and phonographs including the model 42.
So this would be considered a 1931 model

This is such a beautiful machine and it is Brunswick's first record changer. The only one they designed themselves. This example has had a rough life. The pot metal in the variable capacitor has gone bad, the speaker has bad surround (not unexpected) and it was dropped on its top by a previous owner. So, it needs quite a bit of TLC.
I have secured a spare chassis with a good variable capacitor and started transferring it over.

Thanks to Larry Dowell for the spare chassis to help me restore the radio chassis.

Video of the radio phono switch

Video of the unusual plunger volume control

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