ZENITH speakers

Zenith speaker identification charts

This page is preliminary and the links are not working yet. In time I will be adding content to the links. Thanks for reading!

This list is from the Zenith service manual Volume 2
It contains speaker manufactuer codes as Zenith did not manufacture their own speakers until after WWII

This covers speakers from the 1933 models up to WWII

Codes I know of are
AB = Operadio(later Dukane)
AF or AG = Radio Speaker or Emerson?
B = Magnavox
CZ = Zenith
H = Utah
U = Rola
X = Jensen

Codes I'm wanting to decipher are,


As I figure things out I will update this list. I would also like to change the charts to HTML rather than these huge image files. Also I will hopefully add more info on speakers used before the 1933 models.

Thank you for reading!