12 tube chassis 2033

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This is rather much speculation, but I'm trying to come up with a good answer for this one.

This image is from the book "Guide to Old Radios" by David and Betty Johnson.
It is in a group of radios courtesy Zenith Radio Corp. In other words, they were radios that Zenith had at that time of publication.

It is identified as a model 40A.
While, it is true that the cabinet is indeed the same used for the huge, beautiful and impressive 40A, the dial assembly is clearly NOT a 40A style dial. It is the 1933/34 four windowed escutcheon.
The speaker grill is also different and larger. Likely to accommodate two speakers.

It was quite common for Zenith to use leftover cabinets in stock from previous years and fit them with a more modern radio chassis. Evidently, there were some 40A cabinets that were never sold.
Seeing that the 40A was Zenith's most impressive and ornate cabinet for 1928/29, it would make sense that they would put their best chassis inside.

For 1933, that would be chassis 2033 matched with twin 12 inch Jensen D-9 speakers.

So, which model WOULD it be???

Known model numbers for the 2033 chassis are 430, 440, 441, 442, 444, 607A and 619.
Models 430, 440, 441, 607A and 619 have been identified and we know what they look like.
This leaves models 442 and 444. SO, a top-of-the-line cabinet with a phonograph compartment most likely would be the highest model number, so I dub thee model 444.

It is INDEED possible that it contains the 10 tube 2043 chassis used in the model 420, but I tend to doubt that it does.

If anyone has information on this radio, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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