12 tube chassis 2033

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The Zenith 441 has been on my mind since about 1982 when I picked up a copy of Morgan E. McMahon's book on antique radio collecting called "A Flick of the Switch". Pictured on page 188 of that book, I was mesmerized by the ornateness of that cabinet.

The Model 617 uses the same cabinet, but has a slightly lesser chassis (interocean 2038) and uses 10 inch Utah brand speakers.
The 441 uses Zenith's best chassis for 1933 (Chassis 2033) and two 12 inch Jensen D-9 speakers.

Until now, I have never seen or known of the existence of another 441 besides the one in McMahon's book. This all changed on Thursday April 13th When two friends on the Antique radio Forums notified me of an unusual Zenith on Craigslist in Salem Oregon.
I was rather taken aback as it looked to be the right cabinet and dial escutcheon for a 441. After asking the seller for additional photos, it was confirmed!

I had found the mythical Zenith 441 :D

I wasted little time securing it. I contacted a pack and ship company, worked out the sale and the seller dropped it off.

Unfortunately, it is missing the leg/foot structure and is also missing the back cover. I am saddened that these are missing as they are VERY important parts, but what can I do? It doesn't change the fact that I have found a radio I've been mooning over for 35 years. ;-)

It arrived on Saturday April 22 and was packed very well! It survived the trip!
The chassis is mostly unmolested with the Bradleyometers intact for a change!

Thank you for reading!