12 tube chassis 2033

Serial No. 827156

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The model 440 was the top of the line model in the normal 1933 model line-up which Zenith advertised.
It uses the 2033 chassis which is different than the 2038 in that the layout accommodates the use of the Zenith Automatic tuning mechanism.

This particular 440 came from Manchester, New Hampshire. It was kept in a basement, unfortunately, and the condition shows moisture damage to the finish. Its not terrible, and not quite to the point I want to refinish it, but close...

The chassis bolts posed a particular problem getting the chassis out. It seems one must lay on their back and reach up through a slot in the bottom between the speaker baffle and the front grill of the radio in order to reach them.
A very unwieldy design in my opinion. Made me feel like an auto mechanic.

The chassis itself is painted with a gold wrinkle/hammertone paint and has the automatic tuning mechanism attached as does the previous year model 103 Ultra. All of the 1933 models have the unit attached to the chassis.

The underside looks to be in good shape, but all electrolytics were replaced during its life. No problem as I can replicate the originals.
Unfortunately, the volume control was replaced. Looks like I need to find a source of Bradleyometers.

An interesting feature is the hypoid gear tuning drive. The idea is the tuning knob can be pushed to the side which disengages the pinion gear. This allows the ring gear to spin freely so the Automatic Tuning mechanism can do it's job.

Oh, and one of the 59 tubes is an original Zenith! I wish they all were!

Kirt Blattenberger has uploaded an article about this radio in the February 1933 issue of Radio Craft magazine to his website RF Cafe.

Serial No. 827349

I managed to find another 440. This one came from Long Island near Queens, NY

As you can see the stretcher between the legs has completely fallen apart. One rear leg has come loose.
Oddly enough, they top is in perfect condition! Unlike the other 440...

One interesting anomaly is the way the speakers are mounted. This 440 has the two speakers mounted in a V shaped baffle facing each other. This was common for Zenith but is different than the first 440 I found.

It is a later serial number, so I suppose the flat baffle must have been unsatisfactory, so they switched to the V shaped baffle.

I also got the owners manual with this radio, so I scanned it.
Click on each image for a high resolution scan

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