12 tube chassis 2033

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This Zenith 430 came from the Port St. Lucie area of Florida.
I am surprised it is in as good of shape considering Florida air is so salty.

I originally believed the 430 cabinet was identical in size to the 765 cabinet, but Oh was I wrong!
The 430 does share a similar design, but it is an ENTIRELY different cabinet!

Here is a comparison of the two models.

It has the nicest of the 2033 chassis I've found so far. Still, it too is missing it's Bradleyometer volume control. That is FOUR I must come up with.
I do have a plan in the works and I believe I can replace them all!

Here is a scan of the owners manual which I got with my 2nd 440
Click on each image for a high resolution scan

Kirt Blattenberger has uploaded an article about this radio in the February 1933 issue of Radio Craft magazine to his website RF Cafe.


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