7 tube chassis 2022

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The MH is a small console of the Zenette series and one of the first models to use the Superheterodyne circuit.
The chassis is shared with the LH cathedral and the WH console. The model 210 from 1933 uses an updated 2022 chassis with 58s rather than 35/51 tubes for the RF and IF stages

This one was from the Columbus area and i was told by the previous owner it was bought at a Lazarus department store.

Sadly, the back cover is missing. I believe I have one to replace it with, but the original model/serial number identification tag won't be there..

The knobs are interesting. I've not seen this type of knob on a Zenith, but I have no reason to believe they are incorrect.
Zenith did source a few different knobs during the early 30s.

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