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Post WWII Televisions

This page is preliminary and the links are not working yet. In time I will be adding content to the links. Thanks for reading!

I never considered myself an antique television collector, but I do have a few televisions in my collection.

So far, the only webpage I have up is for my 1947 General Electric 901 Projection TV.

General Electric 901 Projection TV

There will be others posted, but for now, this is all I have.

Other televisions in my collection are...

Crosley 9-408

Andrea T-VK12 on matching stand.

Philco 50T-1404

Admiral 19A15

Motorola VT71MA

Admiral 4H16S combination which is sold

I also have a few later color and B&W Zenith sets from the 50s and 60s

1964 Zenith 6061 (25LC20QS chassis)

1967 Zenith 25X6541W (23XC36 chassis)

1959 Zenith E2747R (18E20 chassis)

There is also another suitcase style Motorola 7" in my collection as well as another 1962 Zenith color set, but I don't have photos of them at this time.

Since I started this page, I've added a few Televisions to my collection.

Zenith "The Graemer" G2346R Porthole from 1950

Dumont "Tarrytown" model RA-113-B7 from 1950.
A nice model with the Mallory Inductuner

Garod 10TZ4 Porthole from 1948-49

Stromberg Carlson "Chinese Classic" TS-125-DM5 from 1949-50

Dumont RA-103D "Stratford"

Admiral 19A12S 7 inch, same chassis as the 19A15 above.

Finally another Andrea TVK12
At least it has knobs unlike the other one.
This one has alot of veneer delamination and problems, so it may provide parts to the other one.

Well, I ended up selling the Zenith G2346R above as it was missing parts and the series string heater system doesn't thrill me.
So, I was without a Zenith Porthole until this beauty came my way.

It is a model "The Hawthorne" H3467R 16 inch Porthole from 1951 complete with Zenith Cobra phonograph and AM/FM radio with Radiorgan tone controls. This is probably the last year Zenith used the 6 switch tone control system.

The cabinet is a Regency style with lion head door pulls.

Unfortunately, the 16GP4 CRT is dead. Flat dead... I found someone with a good one and hope to have it in a couple months :D

Thank you!

Thank you for reading!