The 1934 Sparton Triolian model 76

This page is about Sparton's Triolian series of radios

Using Radio-Retailing magazine as a guide as to when the Triolian models were introduced, I have been unable to find a clear introduction date for the 76.
Sparks-Withington held their annual distributor convention in January (29,30) 1934 and displayed a new series of All-Wave radios. Only the models 75, 475 and 478 are mentioned in the "New Merchandise" section the following month. Perhaps they missed the 76?
The first mention of the 76 Triolian was a big full page ad in the March 1934 issue followed by an article showcasing Short-Wave sets in the May 1934 issue. This article calls it a "new model".

Here are pictures of my yet unrestored 76 Triolian. The cabinet isn't perfect, but I don't plan to have it refinished. The chassis works, but I plan to give it a good checkover and probably replace several capacitors even though they have been already replaced.

There will be more to come as the project progresses.
Thank you for reading!