The 1933 Sparton Triolian model 28

This page is about the Sparton Triolian series of radios

As mentioned on the main page, the model 28 Triolian was first introduced late May 1932 at the RMA show in Chicago. It was originally priced at $165 but reduced to $145 by mid 1933.
It had a nice long run for almost two years before being replaced by the 76 All-Wave Triolian.

This is from a 1933 brochure showing the model 28 Triolian.

Here are pictures of my 28 Triolian. The cabinet is in fairly good condition. Not perfect, but in my opinion does not need to be refinished.
I recently got this particular radio from an antique shop on the Maryland coast just after going to the Kutztown Fall radio swap meet in September 2012.

Here is a technical review of the Sparton 28 Triolian from the July 1933 issue of Radio News magazine. Click on the image for a larger version.

One feature of interest is the AVC circuit. Sparton called the circuit "Lafoy Automatic Volume Control". What is interesting is the volume control potentiometer is part of the AVC circuit. This circuit has a very wide dynamic range. A quirk that is amusing is that if you advance the volume contro quickly, there is a bit of a delay before the volume actually goes up!

There will be more to come as the project progresses.
Thank you for reading!