The 1936 Sparton Triolian Deluxe model 1476

This page is about Sparton's Triolian series of radios

Sparks-Withington placed an ad in the September 1935 isue of Radio-Retailing showing several radios covered up. "Designed by Walter Dorwin Teague" was written across the page. It goes on to say these wll be unveiled on September 18th at the National Electrical and Radio Exposition at Grand Central Palace in New York City.
Sure enough, the 1476 "Triolian Deluxe" was amongst the new Teague designed Sparton radios, along with glass mirror models such as the Bluebird and Nocturne.

This model is identical to the 1466. The only difference being the Teague designed cabinet.

My 1476 has also been poorly refinished. It is also missing the lower amplifier chassis. I hope to reproduce the chassis using the 1466 chassis as a guide. Interestingly, the model number tag reads 1466 which is incorrect. I wonder if the chassis is not original?

Many say that this model looks like a space heater. Well! There is a certain truth to this!

There will be more to come as the project progresses.
Thank you for reading!