The 1936 Sparton Triolian model 1466

This page is about Sparton's Triolian series of radios

Part of the 1936 Sparton line was announced in July 1935 including the model 1466. The 1476 had not yet been introduced. The ad in the July 1935 issue of Radio-Retailing mentions several models with the "Triolian Principle", so perhaps the 134 and 136 had not yet been retired?

My 1466 Triolian is mostly complete, but has been poorly refinished. The cabinet has several veneer chips which will be addressed. The chassis was restored by another collector, but I will give it a thorough going over. Sparton added mechanical variable bandwidth IF transformers with this model which is a unique feature.

Also, one tweeter is not original. It is not obvious as the person who replaced it used the same cover.

There will be more to come as the project progresses.
Thank you for reading!