The 1935 Sparton Triolian model 136

This page is about Sparton's Triolian series of radios

The image on the main page is a mock-up of what the radio would look like. I now FINALLY have a 136, but it is in sad condition. In time, I will replace the main page image when I have something better. :-)

Here is a page out of a Farwell hardware catalog fearuring the model 136. Perhaps this was from the Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk and Co. Hardware of St. Paul Minnesota?

Another ad, this time from a French magazine or catalog called Guide des importateurs (Importers Guide) May 1935
It is odd that the model number is shown as 133. Perhaps this was a typo?

Click on image for larger size

Well, wonders never cease! I have finally found a 136 to add to my Triolian collection!

Sadly, it is in dire need of help! I hope to restore it to its original glory, but it will be a daunting task.
For now, some photos of it as I brought it home.

This one is from Larry Dowell of Hurdle Mills, NC. I thank Larry so much for letting his 136 go to be in my collection!

The cabinet, as gotten has many issues. Veneer loose/missing and joints coming unglued. I've taken on projects like this, such as the Majestic 308, but cabinet work is not my forte. I hope I am up to the task.

The chassis is rather rough. It has a replacement power transformer as well as a couple controls.
The sad thing is that the Viso-Glo VG-1 is missing. It will be difficult to replace, but I have some ideas for a substitute.

The speakers, well... they are tattered, but I believe are repairable without needing reconed.

Last image is of the speaker frame and pieces. A couple knobs are missing, but at least I have examples of both sizes.

I found data on the replacement power transformer. Hopefully it is not undersized.

A couple images of the underside of the chassis.

Sparton clearly used Cornell-Dubilier "Cub" capacitors with their wooden dowel through the center. Some of which have been chewed up by a rodent.

Much work is needed, and in time, I do hope to restore it, but when is the issue.
As the page has already stated...

There will be more to come as the project progresses.
Thank you for reading!