The 1935 Sparton Triolian model 134

This page is about Sparton's Triolian series of radios

Only a few months after the 76 advertisement, Sparton announced their new 1935 models in August 1934. Among these is the new model 134 Triolian.
There really is not much difference between the 76 and the 134. a few circuit enhancements and the introduction of the new "Viso-Glo" tuning indicator is about all that changed.

More about the Viso-Glo here


Here is my model 134 Triolian. The cabinet has been refinished by the previous owner. I feel he did a very good job! However, the ropework moldings on the corners is not original. The cabinet should have the fretwork overlay as the model 76. Even though, it does look good, so I have no plans to alter it. The chassis is working, but has a few issues to iron out. One tweeter has an open field coil (The 10,000 ohm coil), so it will need to be rewound.

There will be more to come as the project progresses.
Thank you for reading!