Other radios in my collection

Besides Zenith, Sparton and Pre-War FM radios, I do have several other brands of radios in my collection. This page is about them.

Airline model 62-3335 (1930)

General Electric model A-125 (1936)

Kolster model K-140

This is a beautiful example of a Kolster, which was made around 1931-32. The company didn't last beyond 1932. It is very unique as it has a "Tune-A-Light" tuning indicator above the dial. This tuning indicator was basically a long neon bulb with one element longer than the other. As the stations were tuned in, the neon glow would grow along the longer element. Very few radio manufacturers used this type of tuning indicator. Kolster, Fada and Atwater-Kent were the only ones I'm aware of. Sparton used a similar tuning indicator called a "Vis-O-Glow" in some of their 1934 models.

This Kolster has two speakers and 12 tubes which makes it a respectable radio indeed

More to Come