Zenith model 1R

This is my oldest Zenith radio, a 1922 Zenith 1R. The radio says "Chicago Radio Laboratory" which became Zenith Radio Corp. in June 1923. I bought it locally at an estate auction right around the corner of where I work on April 21, 2002 It was an amazing find!

Front of set
Many knobs and pinters need repair

Looking inside
This is a 1 tube regenerative radio.

Another shot at the back
This shows the battery connections.

Front of set
The hole in the upper left was to allow you to see the tube light up.

Front of set
Another shot at the front.

The connection label inside the doort
This set was designed to connect to a model 2M amplifier which, unfortunatly, I don't have.

Armstrong Licence
Chicago Radio Laboratory was one of the first companies to aquire an Armstrong licence to make regenerative radios.

a closeup of the logo on the top
The tag was from the company which sold this radio. Omer E. Westerfield, Pianos of Quality. Greenville, OH.