Links to other antique radio websites

The 1935 Zenith Stratosphere model 1000Z

Here is the same Zenith Stratosphere that has made its way into my collection.

Mike's Equasonne World

A very good reference for restoration of Sparton's Equasonne models which use the Technidyne circuit.

An amazing website with BEAUTIFUL radios! I don't know how he did it, but Mr. Pelham has created a work of art!
I'm not afraid to say that his web museum has been an inspiration.

Michael Feldt's Antique Radio Collection

Another amazing website with beautiful radios! Mike does a fantastic job at taking photos of his radios.

Early Television Foundation and Museum Website

Probably the most amazing museum of television history I have ever seen! It is well worth the trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit the museum!

E. H. Armstrong Web Site

A very informative website on the inventor of Regeneration, The Superheterodyne and Frequency Modulation (FM)

FM-Only Radios

An interesting site on FM radios, convertors and projects.

AA4DF's Radio/Electronics Site

A great site for Amateur Radio, Test equipment and old radio schematics, manuals and service information.

Vacuum Tubes Inc.

Need a vacuum tube? More than likely, Jim has it or can get it for you!

Kanga US

Kanga US is the place to go for some wonderful Amateur Radio kits. Very well designed transmitters and receivers by Rick Campbell KK7B and a DDS VFO designed by Craig Johnson, AA0ZZ

Craig Johnson - AA0ZZ

Craig Johnson is the designer of the IQ-PRO, a very well designed Direct Digital Synthesis VFO. here is a picture of the IQ-PRO I built.

More to come